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This is a collection of 70+ studio recordings of Hawaiian and Polynesian music by Keoni Manuel and friends. Collections feature previously self-published CDs.

Memories On the High Seas

A collection of Polynesian/Hawai’ian favorites from Keoni’s travels throughout the Pacific aboard cruise liners.

18 Songs –  MP3s downloaded in zipped file.

Features: Patti Kuwaye, Ku’ulei Pridgen, Guil Evangelista, and Joe Katz on steal guitar.
Released: 2018


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Flower and Faith

Featuring Keoniʻs original title track;  and a beautiful track featuring Don Kauliaʻs original song Ka Puna Wai ao Ulano ao Makapuu.

11 Songs – Self Published: 2002

Features: Patti Kuwaye, Haunani Kaui and Uncle Don Kaulia.


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Nanea I Ka Mele

Songs of old ( and new) Hawaiʻi. Includes Keoniʻs cover of Brother Iz “Over the Rainbow” and an original instrumental by Kaimihananoʻeau Brede.

12 Songs – Self-Publlshed: 2004

Features: Patty Kuwaye, Aaron Kamaliʻi, Jonathan Kaʻonohi, Kaimihananoʻeau Brede, Kuulei Pavao and Leina-ala Cordero.


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Songs of Polynesia

Traditional and Contemporary songs from Hawaiʻi and Tahiti, Many songs are featured in Keoniʻs live productions.

16 Songs – Self-Published 2009

Features: Patty Kuwaye and Tiara Temari.


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Songs of Polynesia Rua

Traditional and Contemporary songs from Hawaiʻi, Tahiti, Fiji, and New Zealand.

19 Songs – Self-Published 2010

Features: Patty Kuwaye, Fiji, Lokahi, and Joel Katz on steel guitar.


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Mele Kalikimaka

A Lilʻ Collection of Holiday Songs Hawaiʻian-Style.

6 Songs – Self-Published: 2009

Features: Patty Kuwaye and Buddy Jantoc.


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